Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Whose learning is it?

An idea of a learning journey through blogging has been lingering with me this past year. The purpose of this blog is to be a partnership with the students’ thinking and my learning with them, the curriculum, technology, inquiry and assessment. As a learner this year I focused on: How can collaborative learning be effective? What does curriculum inquiry look like? How can learning be effectively assessed?

It has been a bouquet of learning this year. The iPads have been a large part of this journey as well as many other web 2.0 tools. All learning tasks aimed to support students' thinking and  reflecting on their effectiveness based on the learning goals through observations and conversations.

The students and I have been impressed as to how much learning has been accomplished through questioning, projects and reflections. We have been a team engaged collaboratively in the planning and the consolidation process of the learning tasks. The learning was integrated through technology serving a purpose for a voice and sharing the thinking. 

I hope to continue this coming year to create opportunities for myself and my students to learn together.  I have come to accept that the process is slow  in order to best serve our learning and thinking together. 

I owe this blog to my students and I believe in sharing my learning from my students. Being connected with twitter and following passionate educators who share their success has kept me in touch with professional development online with evidence and opportunities for growth.  I would like to recognize my colleagues from the Students Success Department at the Ottawa Catholic School Board for being my learning partners throughout this learning process. 

This is where the learning takes place


  1. Hi Rola: I'm excited about following your blog. Having worked with you last year I live vicariously through you and your students. Connecting their learning to learning goals and success criteria every day has shown me - as an observer in your classroom - that ALL students care about their progress when they understand the target and can articulate the steps in how to get there. You guided then through the process of peer and self assessment until it became a natural part of the every day thinking process. You mentioned that learning takes time? So true, but here's the exciting thing about it. If you take the time - inquiry,collaboration, innovation and deep learning actually speed up! Looking forward following the reflections. Helene