Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Because of the students!

I  look forward to another academic year in adapting the suggestions and reflections recommended from last year's students. To be an effective teacher, you must learn with and from the students. Listening, activating, learning and to become a skilled teacher I have to ask students to reflect on their learning and reflect on my interactions with them.

Teachers need to be open minded and not ruling out our learning by asking our students for their guidance and opinions. Making connections, being spontaneous in class and not to be always planned and to go beyond than just us being the only expertise in our classroom.  Living the fun learning process that engages us in learning than just delivering or mastering knowledge of content. Building that momentum of community of learners from the first day, having students decide on the how, the why and the if' in the classroom, will set that enriched community of learners and collaborative seekers.

As I looked through the students' recommendations for me from 2013 & 2014  academic year, they have guided my thinking ahead for this year. I asked students to share: What do I need to keep? What should I change? New ideas for ownership of learning on a Padlet and Google form for 214- 2015 academic year.

I value my students' feedback, they are the ones who impact my learning! I will continue to add fun and joy to everyday learning, I will focus more on mental health when we are learning. I will continue relating all learning to everyday and real life experiences through relevant tasks, creating context together and even at times looking like nontraditional learning.

The following are statements by the students that I copied from the form's responses:

Est ce que le classe peux avoir plus de coding? Beaucoup des personnes comme nous, aimons le scratch, et c'est bon pour apprendre.

Dominic: Réflexions parce que je peux réfléchir sur mon apprentissage en classe. 
Les paddlers etait tres Bon 

Chaque jour, va sur radio canada pour les nouvelle. Ne change pas ca.
J'aime le classe de Mme T. parce que tout le temps tu interagir avec tout d'autre etudiants et j'aime Mme T. J'aime aussi les jeu avec Mme et d'autre etudiants. #2014 #MMETIBSHIRANI

Cette annee etait merveilleux! Mes temps prefere etait We Day et St. Bridget's Camp (Le mud pit) :) J'aime tout l'anne, et tous qu'on a fait. Je pense que les reflexions serrait un bonne idee pour l'anne prochiane parce que tu doit reflechir, ou tu ne comprends pas, et aussi je pense que ca aide avec l'independence, responsabilite et l'organization. Aussi je pense que l'involvement avec Me to We c'est un tres bonne idee, parce que c'etait un tres bonne experience, et maintenent je sais beaucoup sur notre monde, et aussi We Day etait un experience que je ne vais pas oublier. Merci pour une annee pleind d'amusement, aprentissage, et pour etre la merveilleux proffesseure au monde.

I am looking forward to continue learning with my students in another exciting academic year. Instead of them having to thank me for a fun year, I need to thank them for letting me share my learning from them with the world.

The students also surprised me at the end of the year by planning a video with the most amazing Mrs, Wilson. They planned the surprise with a presentation and a video.

The best learning is through play with the students. Are you as excited as I am and to be empowered by students for another year of learning?


  1. You know what's NOT awesome? Writing a thoughtful comment and then having the page refresh itself, only to lose the comment. Grr.

    I had three things:
    #1. Rola, you sure do walk the talk. The multimedia aspects of this post are awesome. Perfect role modelling for your students (both those in your classroom and those of us learning from you online and in real life!)
    #2. Your grade 6s will never forget the teacher they brought flowers and a crown for at the end of the year!
    #3. I love collecting student feedback about my teaching also. The responses I got at the end of last year reinforced a lot of the things I was doing, aligned with my professional goals and gave me some great new ideas. One idea that came from a parent was to seek feedback more regularly throughout the year so that I can make changes and adjust during the school year to benefit the group I am working with at the time. I thought it was a very astute recommendation and plan to seek feedback a few times this school year.

    1. Thank you Shauna for taking the time and commenting. I do agree with you for sure to frequently ask our students for feedback of our teaching and learning process. We need to adapt and adjust throughout the year.

  2. Rola, I love the thoughtful comments from students. It's clear that they've learned well how to self- evaluate and offer feedback. For many years, I taught primary, and I often heard from teachers that our youngest learner's couldn't (or shouldn't) self-assess. At times, I struggled with this as well. Last year, I took a much different approach to self-evaluation than I did in the past, and it had a big pay-off for students. Returning to primary now, I'm curious to see how young students do with this. I'm interested if the approaches that I think might work, actually do. What advice would you give to teachers that are skeptical about the value of self-evaluation and/or skeptical about if it will work? How would you suggest starting?


    1. Thanks for commenting Aviva. I had the same discussion yesterday with a 1st Gr teacher at the LC summer session. I suggested to start day1 by taking pictures of expectations or required skills in class and at school. An example was to take a picture of a good line up and another picture of what it shouldn't look like. Place the pictures on smart note book and have students compare and reflect by comparing both. then have a discussion on what if statement through the good and bad line ups. The following day have them reflect if they have lined up to the criteria that they have determined by adding a sticky note with their initial or a picture It is so important to always reflect and make it a daily routine.Take time and have students' take ownership of expectations. Looking forward to hearing how it will look like in Gr 1.