Sunday, October 26, 2014

When students become passionate about History!

How will we ensure that learning goes beyond the classroom?

How do we ensure students get engaged in history?

How  do we ensure that the learning is rich and deep enough that every students finds passion of learning?

Strong provocations hook students to passionate learning and critical thinking. Capturing students passion through experiences that leads to interactions, questioning and discussions of historical events. We began our historical analyzation by Exploring the The Giant Floor Map of 1812 from The Canadian National Geographic.  In a previous post on unpacking what is history and Geography? Since early October up to now students are still referring to their experiences of the War of 182 and are familiar with the concept of events and timelines. Building knowledge of the first inhabitants in Canada and how they have arrived and adapted to the arrival of the Europeens.  From a living library with aboriginal artifacts to the Blanket exercise with my English partner Ms Brambles. Visiting the virtual museum and building individual passion by exploring aboriginal peoples needs. Now we are immersed in the learning of WWI through WW1 Kit form the War Museum. Students have gone home and independently continued searching and sharing their excitement about history through building of lego. iMovies, Powtoon, Google presentations. Students are excited about reading and synthesizing the historical aspects, causes, effects and perspectives. Students are applying their historical knowledge through conversations with respect to the facts from long ago that shaped our lives today.

The passion for learning is stretching students thinking and learning by slowing down to allow them ownership of explorations, discussions. Passion for learning is living the moment for quality rather than quantity of learning,  allowing the curiosity to flow and build a learning community of new concepts through many provocations and thinking skills.


  1. Hi Rola,

    I love how engaged your students get in what you are doing in class. Do the students have a formal assignment, or are their at-home discoveries and creations based solely on personal interest?

    I am so intrigued by the giant floor map and need to look into getting one in the future!


  2. Hi Shauna,

    Thank you for your comment we designed our assignment in class and presented our synthesized learning about the aboriginal people and how they adapted in life.We then shared in a learning circle our WOW information. The students went home and continued on their own creating historical stories about the war of 1812 and now WW1. SO intrigued by the incident that we are using CSI strategy on Google Drawing describing our sentiments about the war and the sacrifice. We will also be continuing with the curriculum expectations. I m having so much fun with the students and embracing creation and designing.