Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Collage Of Learning!

Learning is a day of collage!  We always hear learning is messy what about an interactive messy collage of innovators with many ideas!

Earlier in the year I captured the learning by vlogging about our day and producing videos of the learning process. I get carried away now with students' process and giving feedback that I forget to capture the learning. 

 This post focuses on. how does learning roll out and how do students make learning last?

We start our day by looking at the daily reflections from the students eportfolios. Yesterday one of the students reflected on the step by step of how to create a photo slide show on youtube. Her reflection became the criteria of the day for the students who are using youtube to create a photo slide of the functions of the human systems.  The students also had a great question that we will pursue tomorrow. 

Students following Angelika's reflection as a criteria for creating the photo slide at completing the Gr5 Science about the human body.

 Some students are persevering with the art of an organ from the system and building a model of the system with plasticine.

Liam is preparing the prop for the drama to explain the urinary system.

I even captured a video of it!

Learning is always fun and lasting and there are always ways to have students invest in their activities.

How can we always create an interactive environment of connecting students experiences? How can we always grab student's' heart and minds for learning?  What will the collage of learning be like tomorrow?


  1. Stunning and creative exemplars for learning! The link between the creative arts and our internal systems just makes sense now! I hope that your students see the value in what they have created and hope that they are encouraged to show their work to members of the medical field. Our public health nurse would be a great start! Imagine this display of work featured in a hospital lobby or at city hall, perhaps a travelling exhibit at local libraries! The learning that could be further generated is palpable! Well done tous eleves!

  2. Another comment! I can only imagine the challenge that you will have to report on these fantastic pieces on student reports when only provided with 250 characters to report in. Perhaps another report card template adjustment is required, based on evidence of student learning.

  3. Jennifer brought up a good point about reporting and including the parents in the conversation. I love what you are doing with your students Rola and I am sure that it will spill over into conversations at home. But these days we have even more tools to share the school learning with home. Apps like Freshgrade and Edmodo have parent logins that can allow the parents to be a greater part of the discussion.  Keep innovating Rola!

    1. Thanks for reading the post and leaving a comment. We just finished reports and students will receive report cards next week.For sure we don't count on reports to inform parents. The students have their eportfolios to gather the process of learning as well as blogs. Parents are immersed in the learning process and evaluation. I share with parents the rubric describing the end of process that I have posted about it http://learningprogession.blogspot.ca/2015/01/still-learning.html Parents and students need to comment and reflect on the learning. I agree with you parents need to be part of this greater discussion.