Sunday, February 8, 2015

Double Dates- #7 & #8 My Learning Partners.

I am enjoying the #28daysofwriting blog posts , it has enhanced my focus on learning. I started  reflecting yesterday and as the day went on I had difficulty focusing with family activities. This is a double weekend blog dedicated to my students who always motivate me and guide my thinking. My daily voyage with my students inspires me to continue persevering and learn with and from them, students matter!

 What I have learned  from this partnership with the the students, is to always create conditions to ensure they are learning through:
  •  Risk taking 
  • Allowing many chances at learning 
  • Unpacking the curriculum and co-creating criteria
  • Providing time to reflect 
  • Opportunities to collaborate 
  • Students voices and choices
  • Questioning and inquiring,
  • There is no one way of learning
  • Changes are the process of learning
  • Provoking thinking
  • Students are initiators
  • Moving during learning 
  • Relevance of learning 
  • Real life changing experiences
  • Reaching out to them for changes in my learning
  • Assessment is learning
  • Empathy to issues locally and globally
  • Creating is learning experiences
  • Joy and laughter 
  • Respect and dignity 
  • Partnership at evaluation
  • Acknowledging how they matter 
  • Reasoning and problem solving
  • Innovations by connecting experiences and reaching to new ideas
  • Trust and collaboration
I always look forward to my partners in learning. This partnership matters as they make a difference in my learning growth. This teamwork allows collaboration for embracing new possibilities. What unexpected learning will I be reflected upon this week? 
I guess the next posts will continue to be on the empowerment of this learning partnership.

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