Thursday, February 5, 2015

Powerful Partnerships!

Today was a great day! This afternoon  teachers and principals were partners in learning.  It was an opportunity for teachers from Learning Connections to partner with their school principals and co-facilitate speed dating sessions about Apps /Tools for other principals. The session was organized and lead by Karen McEvoy an Educational Consultant at the board office who leads Learning Connections.

Jane Hill our principal at St.Gabriel School and myself lead a session about coding. The best part of the session was when I highlight how Mrs.Hill interacted and learned coding with and from the students.

The students sent Mrs. Hill a Christmas Greeting Scratch card. Of course Mrs.Hill replied back by sending a New Year greeting Scratch Card. The students were excited that they remixed the coding and added notes identifying Mrs Hill's next steps in coding (changing backgrounds, changing sprites...).

This slide had the examples of students cards and replies after speaking about coding apps and Scratch.

This collaborative partnership of a principal  implementing new learning with and from the students, creates joy for the students and instigates valuable collaborative team learning.  Understanding by doing also applies for school leaders to value the change in students learning. What can you do to invite and interact the students with your principal?

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