Monday, October 19, 2015

Learning Opportunities #GAFESummit

 Two days of focus about the purpose of technology supporting pedagogy and thinking skills. It was a gathering of a shift towards the applications of thinking skills rather than just tools. Summit Schedule

 The Keynote speakers Jaime Casap and Kevin Brookhouser had me reflect about the importance of learning as a society of partnership with our students and community.

  • The future of education as a model of thinking about learning.
  • Giving the power for students to become problem solvers.
  • Focusing on students' innovation and iteration of learning without an end point.
  • Preparing students for the future through global learning.
  • Building the passion for learning through innovation for the transformation of the future that never stops.
  • The school becoming a model of partnership with parents and the community.
  • Persevering with the mindset and breaking free from the functional fixedness.
  • Students would endorse real world problems and there are no bad ideas.
  • Students to be risk takers, problem solvers and design to create ideas with a passion.
  • Students share knowledge for making a change and celebrating risk taking.
  • Celebrating learning through many stages.

  • Students realizing the importance of passion when learning.
It was great to see so many colleagues from across Ontario and Canada and meeting new ones from the United States. 

It is always a great opportunity to be among so many educators, learners and leaders sharing the passion of risk taking to take back and apply with our students.

Learning is always a shift of risk taking. On Saturday with my colleague Patricia Fiorino we presented Learning By Doing documenting the process of the makers mindset with Kindergarten and Grade 6.

Thank you for the participants who took time to stay for the last session and go over time sharing students' learning. The presentation was about analyzing and thinking using a variety of tools.

If we need our students to have the desire to learn then we need to provide them with time and support to pursue innovation, passion and interest in learning. What skills and talents will we allow to emerge from our students?

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  1. You are a force for change in education! Keep sharing and caring! I appreciate your contributions to our success this weekend! Already looking forward to next year!