Sunday, July 10, 2016

Design Thinking A Storyboard Of Explorations!

The innovative process is a storyboard of risk taking through problem solving and collaborative creative tensions of students' thinking. Students explore learning by collaboratively problem solving learning to question, interact, consolidation and communicate leading to an exploration of valuing ideas from classmates. The process of innovation becomes a thinking skills process of wiring creativity and building on previous knowledge leading to create new knowledge of problem solving from technology, coding to rich conversations.  Throughout the year we need to equip students with thinking tools, confidence with risk taking when using programming and reflecting on learning as well as consolidating as a whole class on our learning journeys.

The United Nations Global Goals have been the focus throughout this year. Post on Global Goals The design thinking process is a long process for students based on ideations, iterations, self reflections on skills and consolidations for determining next step. For the Global Goals the students wanted to inform the community by taking their conceptions to business centres. Due to many school events sometimes the journey is held up. The students shared their journey with only the school community.

The slides below show the process from imagining, planning, refining and  reflecting about the thinking and the tools (Hummingbird, Lego Mindstorm, Makey Makey) of designs.

Design thinking is about the students' thinking process from goal settings and reflecting about every step of the process.  Having an audience for sharing is important especially to impact the audience by the design.

The following playlist demonstrates the process of sharing with the audience from the provoking steps to the reflections from the audience.

The full playlist will play through to view individuals; place the cursor on the left of the window for individual teams' videos.

This year has been a year of training and learning with the students. I will continue to embrace the creative, critical thinking and collaborative design process the following academic year. I will apply what I have learned and I look forward to new learning with the new group of students.

For educators it is important to embrace the learning with our students accepting successes, failures, uncertainties and the perseverance of the innovative learning process. The classroom community is our blueprint for our professional learning as we reflect from our students and our larger community from the school, the board  and of course the global online educators.

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