Monday, July 3, 2017

Willingness To Persevere With Learning Experiences

As educators, we grow with our students. The time we spend together reflecting, unlearning for new learning habits and thinking about the curriculum relevance and the compassion of the world around us.

I finally took the day to read 53 end of year reflections from my students. The reflections were based on:
  • What does success mean to you? After your experience of learning in Grade6
  • Should grading matter during the assessment for learning?
  • Feedback on: reflections, peer/teacher feedback and developing growth mindset during the learning process.

The students' feedback has confirmed:
  • Students needs are more important than coverage of the learning
  • Understanding the why and how of learning through criteria
  • Learning is full of surprising failures when persevering for the successes of the process
  • Learning is based on collaborative, creative and critical thinking skills
  • Learning is linking causes and factors to solving many problems
  • Feedback is accepting everyone's perspective about the learning process
  • Difficult thinking leads to better ideas
  • There are no barriers to success
  • Unexpected learning is part of the learning process
  • Learning is a process and it is never finished
  • Grading should only take place at the end of the process
  • Being successful is not at getting good grades it is about life learning skills
  • Educators need to be as curious as students' during the learning process
  • Educators to also have a growth mindset like their students
  • Observing and documenting students learning for next steps (reflective process on experiences)
  • Interdependence and interpersonal skills for learning and valuing students' thinking for an effective learning community
  • Creating passion for learning through real-world problem solving tasks
  • Creativity is having fun and being engaged in owning the process of learning

A Storify of tweets that I shared about students' reflections.

There is so much to share and learn from students' voices. Throughout the year I asked for feedback that has made me a better listener, less of a talker, allowing students to be confident at owning their learning and taking risks.  It has been a blast for students to drive their own learning and " we use to worry about getting it perfect but that is not the case anymore".

What unlearning will I be persevering next year with Grade 7 students?  What resetting of change will I be achieving for students' success? How will I be continuing the guiding of proficient learning through the 6C's competencies through Integrative Thinking and Design Thinking?

Something that I need to keep up to:

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