Thursday, January 4, 2018

#Oneword Action!

My gratitude to VoicEd and Julie Balen for bringing this challenge on. Thanks to Sarah Lalonde for the graphic.

As I look forward to growing with my learners, who enrich my experiences on the how and the why of the learning process.

Every day, I look forward to engaging with my learners and taking actions in applying meaningful learning situations that make an impact on their thinking and lifetime skills by connecting compassion, empathy and valuing each other, also reaching to a local and a global audience for feedback.

By investing time to learn with the learners, is to take action to care, share and take risks.  Actions that the learners and I will continue to explore and learn from:
  • investing time to reflect on the learning process.
  • giving feedback and getting feedback
  • supporting risk-taking to experience the culture of emotional learning together
  • taking action to learn over time and develop the thinking together
  • being mindful of everything around them
  • changing and impacting someone in their daily lives
  • exploring the discomfort of learning
  • being grateful and positive for attending school every day
  • being fearless with discomfort 
  • choosing to matter
  • learning not to fit in
  • allowing tensions in determining next steps
  • more of goal getting than just goal setting
I will continue to take action to reflect on how to be adoptable and adaptable with my learners for learning together? 


  1. This is a great word because of the paradox it can instill. In order to see and understand action, we also need to see and become comfortable with inaction. You hint at this with your statement “allow tensions in determining next steps”. This means that actions need to include times to pause and look for errors, “be fearless with discomfort” and be mindful. Love this word Rola!

    1. Thanks Helen for the feedback. We always mention our unlearning or anti-goals when acquiring new learning.